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A website is the best platform to share your story and market your business’s products and services, which allows you to reach more people, and you have complete control of the content and functionality.

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Why You Need A Website

Depending solely on social media to promote your business is not the best decision for your online presence. A website can generate more business and allow you to deliver strong marketing messages. You control the content and interactions.  Also, a website will allow you to make information about your business easily accessible to anyone searching for the products and services you provide. Don’t miss an opportunity to be discovered by future customers.

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Design & Development
CMS: WordPress, Joomla!
Landing Page: Event, Product

Web Design & Development covers the needs of creating a custom design website or template modification, and completing routine maintenance & updates. Design & Development Services consist of:

    • Lead Capture Page
    • Informational
    • eCommerce (Online Store)
    • Website Assessment
    • Website Optimization
    • Website Update (front -end)
    • Website Maintenance (back-end)

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Landing Page







Planning & Research

Project Management


Does The Mere Thought Of Maintaining Your Website Frustrate You?

No worries. We’ve got your covered!

Like your car, your website needs regular maintenance to perform well. Ensure that your website is always current!

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Update (front-end)

Business Information – New or changed service(s), hours of operation, contact Information,etc.

• Add, update, or remove Team Member information
• Add, correct, or remove Promotional Offer(s)
• Updated Imagery
• Blog Post
• Add, correct/update, or remove product and information
• Add or remove imagery
• Add or remove fields in contact form(s)

Note: Does not include updates or modifications to template(s), plug-in(s), or core file, which is maintenance.

Maintenance (back-end)

Assessment of your website’s overall health and performance.

• Content Management System (CMS) platform core maintenance
• Plugin/custom code upgrades
• Site security monitoring
• Programming updates as needed
• Theme maintenance
• Website back up
• Check and remove spam comments and form submissions
• Test the website to ensure that it looks and displays properly in all popular
• Test and tweak contact form(s)
• Update copyright date
• Check for page errors and resolve by fixing links or redirects
• Review and resolve any errors with email