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Our Process:

Needs Assessment

Identify needs, opportunities and gaps

Research & Planning

Identify Solutions. Devise Strategy.

Create & Launch

Develop. Test. Execute.

Follow Up

Evaluate outcomes & monitor progress.

We Help Purpose-driven Men & Women Effectively & Holistically Market Their Brand. 

C Smalls Designs is a boutique creative agency driven to help small businesses, non-profits organizations and influencers prosper. We offer an array of services to provide our clients with the solutions needed to successfully market and advertise their brand. Our Creative Design Concepts effectively paints a vivid picture of the organizations’ intended message to prospective clienteles; thus increasing brand awareness; ultimately increasing revenue. We are ready to help your business expand. Regardless if your BRAND is an individual, small business, cause, or non-profit we can help. Let’s Get Started!

We’re Here To Support You With The Technical and Creative Side of Business.

We’ve Got The Experience, Sense and Savvy You Need To Effectively Market and Brand Your Business.

Increase Visibility. Enhance Your Targeting. Boost Brand Awareness

Custom branded designs to effectively market your products and services.

Services: Ad Design and Social Media Management

Creative Designs and STRATEGIC PROCESSES

You need the right solutions to successfully Market & Advertise your business’ products and services. Strategy is key when planning how you will reach and connect with your target audience in order to influence them to patronize your business. Great designers can create eye catching designs, but if they are not able to effectively communicate your message it will not convert. Great content is a #gamechanger!

Let’s Get Started With Your #GameChanging Marketing Strategy!



Learn How We Can Help You Market Your Competitive Advantage.

Brand & Website Assessment

Drive Your Business Forward Faster

NOW is the perfect time to complete a review of your Marketing strategy to identify what is working well and where there is opportunity.

Discover How We Can Help You Move Your Business Forward.

Visual Identity [Visual Branding]

Effective Branding Requires Consistency

How you present your brand is just as important as what it stands for. In order to gain and sustain attention, you will need to ensure that everything is consistent. Why? It impacts people’s perception.

Voice and ascetics matter! The more consistent the messaging, the more awareness is built and trust and loyalty is gained with your customers.

In order for people to trust in something or someone, they need to be aware of it, believe in it, recognize it, and remember it.

People may not warm up to you if they do not know you. The same applies in business. Before a personal makes a final decision, they will consider other options. In order to set yourself apart from your competitors you need to STAND OUT!

What you communicate and how you communicate makes a difference. The visual brand identity elements is key to making your brand memorable and easily recognizable.

Asses your current brand assets to determine how effective they are. If your current brand identify elements is effectively representing your brand, congratulations! If not, contact us so that we can help with your brand identity REFRESH so it STANDs Out!