Project Quote: All quotes are specific to the project request. Any add-ons after the project start will incur a separate fee.

Project Submission: A signed contract and deposit is required for all projects. Deposits are non-refundable. Upon receipt of the signed contract and your deposit the project will be scheduled.

All content must be submitted before the project begins. Any delay in submitting content or not submitting content in the required format will result in a change of the project timeline and may incur additional fees. We will not retrieve content from online sources. WE ARE FIRM ON THIS POLICY.

Project Balance: The remaining balance is due before the final project files will be provided. NO EXCEPTIONS

Turnround: The standard turnaround time for graphic projects is 5-7 days from the date scheduled. Web design projects vary bassed on the number of pages, but typically is is 1-3. Branding projects vary per project.

Files: We accept all files electronically in the following formats: Email, Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS.

Content Quality: Images should be high resolution (200 dpi minimum) to ensure the best quality for your project. Images not provided in high resolution will result in poor quality. C Smalls Designs will not be held responsible for poor image quality as a result of low resolution files received.

Images: If your project requires a specific image(s) that you are not able to supply a royalty free image will be purchased by our agency, and the fee will be attached to the project.

Native Files: If you would like to receive the native files for your project we will supply them at the rate of 2x the amount of the total project cost.

Payment Type: All payments are accepted electronically via PayPal or Square invoice from our agency.

Refund/Cancellation: Any and all requests for the cancellation of a project may only be granted with a refund, not including deposits if work has not begun. Requests for refunds must be submitted no later than 24 hours after payment is made.

Revisions: One round of corrections is included in the design fee for minor updates. Requests for updates resulting in major changes in the design and layout will be charged at the rate for a new design. Requests for changes not included in the initial request or for incorrect information provided by the client will incur an additional fee to be determined at the time of the request. WE ARE FIRM ON THIS POLICY.

Printing: Currently, we do not offer printing services. Proofing: Client is responsible for proofing all content submitted. C Smalls Designs wil not be held responsible for errors submitted. All clients are provided the opportunity to proof concepts before the project is complete. CSD will not be responsible for errors after the final approval provided by client.

C Smalls Designs reserves the right to make changes to its Terms and Conditions at any given time.