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Root Cause vs Technical Cause

Root Cause vs Technical Cause

By admin on April 1, 2020 in Business, Services, Web Design, Website

Simply, root cause is the trigger and technical cause is the reason. Understanding this is crucial when trying to resolve issues with your website. Technical challenges are similar to accounting. In most cases you have to work backwards to effectively root cause in order to identify the error, then work to fix it.

In web design trying to resolve a technical issue can be a very frustrating process and requires patience. More often than not, root causing a technical issue can take hours as you may have to test each component, plug in, and system by disabling, testing, then enabling in order to figure out which specs are not compatible. For this specific reason, it is highly recommended that if you are not sure how to manage the back-end of a website you should leave that task to an experienced developer. Trying to fix technical issue without knowledge of the platform can lead to major issues or worst, your website can be damaged beyond repair. That’s a hefty price to pay to rebuild your website.

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